March 2011
Theresa Brown & Stephen Filarsky


Weather Musings...Lightning in Snowstorms.....St. Patrick's Day

As our newsletter goes out we are expecting it to be almost 80 degrees and sunny. So I'm thinking "YES! St. Patrick's Day and the wearing of the green  is around the corner and that means SPRING! And by tomorrow it will be even warmer, but rainy with thunderstorms and we all know what that means right? SNOW in 7-9 days! Because it is still winter. Call it an old wive's tale, call it nonsense, but time and again that is exactly what happens. And this year we have had unusual snowfalls combined with, get this, thunderstorms in the middle of a snowstorm.

Part of me wants to understand these things. How can lightning flash while it is snowing? Or Why does it matter what phase of the moon it is when you plant your pole beans? And the other part of me continues to be impressed by those who dutifully follow the Farmer's Almanac and planting schedules with amazing results!

This year, after buying some tomatoes yesterday at the grocery store, it is time for action. Don't be surprised to find me planting some tomato plants at 1:00 am by the light of the full moon. I may even cackle.:-)



girl and horse inpastel

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 Theresa's Portraits

 What do you get when you combine a 110 year old photo and pastels? How about this beauty for your great or great, great grandmother? I love to create these and bring them to life for their descendants! 18 x 24 pastel
"I LOVE the timelessness of what you did! The colors, the detail, the softness..the pastel was perfect! I am so pleased! Eliza Burke-Greensboro, NC

Moving into the present: What do you get when you combine a pony and a little girl? True love! Here is Charlotte and her pony Daisy. See what she had to say: click here

Ready for your portrait? Check our schedule to see where we will be next and let's get together and plan the time to start!

We're adding recent portraits all the time so to see what it new, pop over to the website







At our Studio: Our Art mini-workshops  have been a huge success! We had no idea so many people wanted to experience the fun of painting and we confess that what motivates us are statements like these:

"I cannot believe that I just painted this"
B Jones-Wilson

"This has been an amazing day! Relaxing, fun and a finished painting! M. Murphy-Raleigh

"I'm going to just keep on coming back!
-B Dunham-Fayetteville

All two hour classes in our studio are just $30.00 with all supplies included! LOL-the animal ones especially fill fast so to see our 6 month schedule and find a class you would like, click here: Classes & Schedule

Art Parties! When one mom  asked us to come to their home for her tween's birthday and hold a "Paint Party" we agreed. They all said that it beat "build a bear" and what a blast! Another art group from Wilson has a scheduled for their group in April. So if you have a group of at least 10 (art group, 4-H, corporate, etc.) and are interested in US coming to YOU, just give us a call!

Aiken workshop!  Steve has a two day art workshop in Aiken, SC April 16 and 17.  He had a great workshop there two years ago and the Aiken Center for the Arts asked him to hold it again this year!


Boat Shows?

Not everyone knows that Steve is a long time sign designer  and is also known as the Goldleaf Man!  And Steve is an expert -one of only a few on the East Coast, at hand painted gold leafing! So he combines his art and lettering skills with the ancient art of gold leaf gilding and has a big following among those seeking out this niche skill. There is no lettering or design work classier then gold leaf on a sign, horse trailer, boat, fire or EMS vehicle, home movie  theatre, homes....the list goes on!
So if you see "Boat Show" on our schedule, now you know why!



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Steve's Oils........

As artists who rely on our wonderful clients, we are humbled by every client who invests in our work as you are also investing in us! Thank you for being followers and investors in all of our work and of course Steve's popular little oils! Remember, if you want to suggest a particular topic or subject, just contact him or send the image to him!


Laugh of the Month

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Quote of the Month

Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time.

-Steven Wright

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