December 2010 Newsletter
May 2011
Theresa Brown & Stephen Filarsky


studio porch

Tornado Update:
As our newsletter goes out,  many people are recovering from the series of tornados that devastated parts of NC this past Saturday. We were thankfully spared but many were not and their road to some kind of recovery will be a long one.

Facebook has been a great way to see what has been happening. Just unimaginable to think of the damage just one of these 62 tornados was able to do

. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who were affected by this tragedy. Our thanks also to the local news stations who stayed right on top of it all.

Art Studio Renovation:

Well maybe it's not a renovation as much as an addition. But after years in the planning (we all know how that goes) we finally added the front porch to our studio.

For the many who have been here, they will remember that most of our studio is the result of wood and architecture salvaged from a 1910 house in Wake Forest. To say we are pleased would be an understatement as it is roomy enough to set up several easels and paint the surrounding scenery!

It will also save our old wooden front doors which have felt the summer heat, without the benefit of a shaded porch, for too long :-).


pastel portrait

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 Theresa's Portraits

When people see my portraits displayed at a show or in the studio they logically ask where the clients are! Not to worry,  all of the portraits that I display are just that: display portraits. Many are created from additional photos of my clients (who already have their original portraits) or generic references so that clients can see the differences between mediums such as oils, pastels, watercolor and pencil. You just can't see those kind of details well on the Internet! So, at shows or art events, we bring the Art Gallery to you!
Ready for your portrait? Check our schedule to see where we will be next and let's get together and plan the time to start!
We're adding recent portraits all the time so to see what it new, pop over to the site!







Goings on at Art Student Academy

As grand as that name sounds, we are really just down to earth artists helping students enjoy working with art-either for the first time or for the first time in a long time!

Our Art mini-workshops are based on the START (Stop Thinking Art is Really Tough) program initiated by Jerry's
Aartarama in Raleigh and have been a huge success!  We have also partnered with Wake Forest Art & Frame Shop to offer similar classes in Wake Forest. Classes are being added and updated all the time so to see our schedule and find a class you would like, click here: Classes & Schedule.  To see the student Gallery, go to our Art Student Academy!   and sign up for the ASA newsletter to keep current with new classes! A special May 7 "Painting Roses in the Garden" will be a blast!

Art Parties! Well, why not? We have one scheduled AND open to the public from an art group in Wilson.
Click here for details
So if you have a group of at least 8 (art group, 4-H, corporate, etc.) and are interested in US coming to YOU, just give us a call!
gold leaf sign
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Photo of Chris Craft

Huh? Gold

Not everyone knows that Steve is a long time sign designer and is  known as the Goldleaf Man!  He is an expert -one of only a few on the East Coast, at hand painted gold leafing! So he combines his art and lettering skills with the ancient art of gold leaf gilding and has a big following among those seeking out this niche skill. There is no lettering or design work classier then gold leaf on a sign, horse trailer, boat, fire or EMS vehicle, home movie theatre, homes....the list goes on!
So if you see "Boat Show" on our schedule, now you know why!



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Steve's Oils........

As artists who rely on our wonderful clients, we are humbled by every client who invests in our work as you are also investing in us! Thank you for being followers and investors in all of our work and of course Steve's popular little oils! Remember, if you want to suggest a particular topic or subject, just contact him or send the image to him!

corgi race
Laugh of the Month

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Quote of the Month

"I hate flowers - I paint them because they're cheaper than models and they don't move."
- Georgia O'Keeffe  
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December 2010 Newsletter