February 3, 2014

Catching Up:

Winter 2014-what a ride we're having right now and we're not so sure it's totally over yet. Spring seems a long ways away when the morning temperatures are 5 degrees and the snow has turned to ice in NC. But it could be A few Paintings from Steve: worse. We could have  been in New Orleans, Montgomery or Atlanta where they have been experiencing an unseasonably bitter winter with surprise snowfalls. Ironically, we almost went to the horse shows in Pensacola, FL  to escape the winter where we would have found ourselves in snow and ice.  Who knew?
But weather or no weather, in our world of art there is really no down time.   January is typically our "catch your breath" month. Christmas deadlines are past, everyone is focused on the New Year and the backdrop is winter. We start gearing up to participate in and travel to many shows, engage with our collectors,  share our knowledge through classes and workshops but above all, we keep painting!

What's Happening:
We've made it easier to find our paintings and art products by updating our Etsy stores.

A few Portraits  from Theresa

Oil, 24 x 30

Pastel, 19 x 26

Pastel, 9 x 12

A few Paintings from Steve:

Oil, 9 x 12

Oil, 4 x 6

Oil, 12 x 24

Coming up:
It's much easier to link you to our schedule of shows and events listed each month.  But contact us for specifics  shows if you have questions since the schedule can occasionally change at the last minute. The advantage of two artists in the family is that we can be at separate events which is why you may see one or the other of us at a particular show. Living in the art and horse show worlds,  events can be scheduled by the promoters for the same day or weekend which  leads us to creative solutions!

Art fun and More...
Our classes at our Art Student Academy have kept us busy.  Our workshops and classes can easily be found on our site Art Student Academy (http://www.artstudentacademy.com), and our Facebook page.  We are being asked to come to areas far and wide to hold classes and we work them around our show and art schedule so let us know what you'd like to plan and we can go from there!  You can get upcoming classes sent to your email through the ASA Newsletter

Photos from our Art Classes

Watercolor Wednesdays

Photo: Just a few reliefs created by our after school class...armature building next week!
After School Classes

Photo: Paint like Monet Day
Paint Like Mone Day

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