May 2012  
Theresa Brown & Stephen Filarsky



from Theresa

16 x 20 mixed media

Dreams in Harmony
16 x 20 mixed media

from Steve

 oil painting S Filarsky
Summer Afternoon
24 x 36 Oil Painting

Summer Afternoon
4x6 Oil Painting

Often people will ask us how and where we get our inspiration to create the paintings that we do. And we ususally reply that Inspiration comes in many formats and in a variety of ways. It can be subtle, just from observing the surroundings, such as noticing the way the late afternoon sun backlights a child's hair or forms a halo against summer leaves. Or the way the mist rises off the water early in the morning.

Or inspiration can be audible, like hearing galloping hooves, the cry of gulls, water from waves or a waterfall. Smells, sounds, textures, visuals...the senses all combine to bring sparks to our imaginations! As artists we tend to be very aware of our surroundings and never know when all the componants, big or small, subtle or not so subtle, will come together to inspire us to create the art that you collect!

The Inspirations

Theresa didn't hesitate when inspiration struck recently. She embraced a concept that she enjoyed as a student and the results are a series of her powerful abstract horse paintings that are part of a current show at the Wake Forest Art and Frame Shop in Wake Forest through the month of May. Anyone raised with horses will understand the bonds between horses and rider and the world and even dreams that were then and are now.

See them in person at shows or the Wake Forest Art and Frame Gallery through June 6!  Steve will also be showing his popular small paintings at the same time.

He has some beautiful larger paintings which are currently being displayed at the Upper Crust in the trendy Lafayette Village in Raleigh

He also has some pieces at the International Miniature Art Show at the Seaside Gallery in Nag's Head on the NC Outer Banks. Although several of his entries have sold, you can see them here: Seaside Art Gallery

Thank you to all of our collectors who make our artist's life possible!

from Theresa


Angus Pastel Portrait

Wedding Portrait
Oil Portrait 34 x 36
Bits and Pieces...OK, some bragging :-)

News 1: Theresa was recently a surprise guest at the Durham Highway Fire Department where she presented the firefighters with a large, framed, pastel portrait of “Angus” their late, much loved, 15 year veteran of the force! 

News 2: Want to know more a little bit more about what we do? Check out this NC News and Observer article to “read all about it!”

News 3: Steve enjoyed being interviewed by the “History Detectives” TV show as they sought his opinion about gold leaf lettering and art of which he is an expert!

News 4: We had a great time at the recent Intercollegiate Horse Horse Show held this year in Raleigh, NC! Amazing and talented group of students!

News 5: Theresa's recent 24 x 36 oil bridal portrait created for the subject's upcoming 50th wedding anniversary. Theresa combined the best of several old photos to create the portrait that her 75 year old Florida client has always wanted!


from Steve

Kodak Moment 8x10 oil painting


Painting to us is more than our profession, it's a way of life! And we love to share it with you through our newsletters, photos and in person.  If you'd like to be able to follow us regularly, both our blogs and Facebook are a great way to do that!

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Coming Events

It's much easier to link you to our schedule of shows and events listed each month.  But contact us for specifics  shows if you have questions since the schedule can occassionally change at the last minute. The advantage of two artists in the family is that we can be at separate events which is why you may see one or the other of us at a particular show. Living in the art and horse show worlds,  events can be scheduled by the promoters for the same day or weekend which  leads us to creative solutions!

  Art fun and More...

We've been having a blast introducing “worry free” art classes to people off all ages and abilities! Visit this side of our artist's life to learn more about Art fundraisers, mom's night out classes, art and wine events and of course, summer art camps for kids! It's all here: Art Student Academy. We are being asked to come to areas far and wide to hold classes and we work them around our show and art schedule so let us know what you'd like to plan and we can go from there!


  Steve's new DVD is out!  A big thanks to all our collectors for embracing his paintings of all sizes! His new DVD is called  Small Paintings for Big Results!


Quote of the Month

“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

 Warm Regards, 
Theresa and Steve
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