May 2013  
Theresa Brown & Stephen Filarsky


FARM TOUR 2013-Get on Board!

Steve is launching his FARM TOUR 2013 after requests from friends and collectors who ask for paintings of their favorite barns, quiet spots, horse shows and scenic views of mountains, meadows, backyards and beaches!
His  blog will keep you up to date as to his whereabouts and all you have to do to get on board is contact him with your requests. Many of his paintings are done on location while the remainder are from photographs sent to him via email. He has a variety of examples of what people have requested to give you some ideas. But if you are like most people, an image of a special scene or location has already popped into your mind. And paintings that evoke a warm feeling and keep it fresh in your memory every time you look at it....well that's priceless!

Complete information here: http://www.sfilarsky.blogspot.com/

You can also send him a private message through his Facebook page


What Else?


Annual Show *Enjoy Steve's artwork for the NCHJA horse show this year!
and the Deep Run Horse Show

*I just completed this oil of "50 Year Kenyan Celebration" which is heading off to potential stardom with its owner to Nairobi as we speak. We came up with a plan of a collage type painting of the 4 presidents in office since Kenyan independance in 1963.

* The beautiful Alisa Berry with her mount-an 11 x 14 oil by Theresa
Photo: The small pastels (9 x 12) work perfectly for baby cameos! (and how cute is this one I completed today?) :-) *You also might enjoy this little pastel cameo commissioned by a doting grandma (I love grandparents!)

Works in progress:

Boys at the beach (a 30 x 40 commissioned oil being created by Theresa)

Childhood  (a commissioned 20 x 28 watercolor by Steve)
Steve's work will be in Art Mob gallery  http://www.artmobstudios.com
in Hendersonville, NC starting in June 2013-a fun, come on in type of art gallery.
Live near there? Join the Farm Tour!

Like GOLD? Then take a look at Steve's Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/GoldleafMan

Photo: Time to take the easel out into the garden

We could talk about the stunning colors and scents of all the blooming roses at the studio but honestly, nothing compares to the real thing!
Enjoy a few photos and imagine the scents! We'll even throw in a few bees an
d chickens:-)

Photo: The peonies are blooming!

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Quote of the Month

I don't sing because I'm happy; I'm happy because I sing.

William James


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